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This episode takes a deep dive into America’s recognition of the area known as the Golan Heights as part of Israeli territory. Stephen and Nicholas debate the importance of this measure and discuss the impacts (if any) that this will have on the average listener. Is this the sign of more change to come, or merely a recognition of the decades-long reality of this region of the world?

On this episode, Nicholas and Stephen tackle the immigration debate. In particular, we break down the main solutions being pursued by various nations to the problems of immigration including the benefits and risks of each. Then, the team pivots to a quick summary of the crisis in Venezuela and asks the question, “Does America’s current actions qualify as an interventionist coup?”

On this episode, Nicholas, Stephen, Valida, and Matthew debate the criteria and preconditions needed to justify international intervention. In other words, when would the United States be justified to conduct a military intervention in a dictatorship or humanitarian crisis? Is there ever a justification, or should policymakers look only towards furthering American interests? Matthew and Nicholas also provide a few parenting tips that can be applied to international disputes.

2011 Arab Spring Protests in Tahrir Square, Cairo

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