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On this episode, Stephen and Nicholas discuss the possibilities of World War III and what that might look like. For decades, the world seems to have taken for granted the idea that large scale wars by great military powers is over. But what are the prospects for a global war? The team also takes a deep dive into current nuclear weapons technology and how those weapons might be used in a tactical sense in a theoretical Third World War.

On this episode, Stephen, Valida, and Nicholas discuss America’s grand national strategy (or lack thereof). First, the gang breaks down the importance of having an overarching policy strategy and how the United States can benefit from a more focused global policy. Then, the team offers their own ideas for what should become America’s national strategy for the next decade.

Puns and bad pick-up lines abound in this episode of The Orientalist Express podcast. This time, the team analyzes America's increasingly aggressive trade policies and how effective they may be in achieving the administration's stated goals. Nicholas, Stephen, Matthew, and Toms also consider how national sovereignty is factored into trade deals across large organizations like the European Union. 

2011 Arab Spring Protests in Tahrir Square, Cairo

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