Episode 18, The Next War To End All Wars

On this episode, Stephen and Nicholas discuss the possibilities of World War III and what that might look like. For decades, the world seems to have taken for granted the idea that large scale wars by great military powers is over. But what are the prospects for a global war? The team also takes a deep dive into current nuclear weapons technology and how those weapons might be used in a tactical sense in a theoretical Third World War.

Disclaimer: Though we discuss possible uses for nuclear weapons in a global conflict, it should be noted that this is not an endorsement of such tactics. We bring these up to highlight how deterrence must be considered in a whole range of different scenarios in order to prevent this type of catastrophe.

xXx (Action) Film

RAND Report on US Military Capabilities

Marshall Plan

Thomas Schelling: Arms and Influence (book)

Russian Nuclear Missile

US Nuclear Arsenal