Episode 03, Settlers of Canaan

In Episode 03, we react to the first days of the Donald Trump administration and its impacts on Middle East policy.  First, we take a critical look at Israeli settlement policy and the prospects of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  Then, Kurt explains the rise of authoritarianism in Turkey and the constitutional changes that grant president Erdogan even more powers.  And Stephen closes out the episode with remarks on the death of former Iranian president Rafsanjani.


The Third Intifada

Peace of Westphalia

Turkey's Constitutional Changes

Fethullah Gulen

Gezi Park Protests

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Iranian Green Revolution

Episode 02, From Russia with Contempt

In this week's episode, the team discusses the intersection of American foreign policy and the Russian government.  We begin with a continuation of last week's debate about likely Russian policy under the coming Trump presidency and then transition into a general discussion about Trump's picks for cabinet level positions regarding national security.  Finally, we introduce a new segment called Key Terms, which is designed to help explain some of the jargon often used in the study of international relations.

Episode 01, Trumping Iran & Syria

In our first ever podcast, the Orientalist Express team takes a look at the future of several key Middle Eastern issues in light of the recent election of Donald Trump to the American presidency.  Our main focus includes the likely breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal and the future of the Syrian Civil War.  Contributors include Nicholas Hayen, Stephen Howard, Brandon Kenney, and Kurt Guner.